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I have been hearing from some of my friends and around on the internet about moving their site they have setup over at WordPress.com to a self-hosted wordpress site. Before I give you a nice link on where you can find out how to do this, did you know that there are two sites for WordPress?

No! Well, there are.

Wordpress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com and WordPress.org – some of you already knew this, but my friend Don Campbell over at Expand2web has a real good article on WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which One Should I Choose. Read it to find out the pros and cons of each.

For those of you who set a blog up on WordPress.com and are contemplating moving it to a self-hosted site, here is an article by ProBlogger that tells you how to do it.

One question that comes up a lot about moving your WordPress.com site is "How do I keep my WordPress.com links?" Here is a resource that will help you with that http://blog-well.com/2008/01/27/wordpresscom-to-wordpressorg/

Let me know your experiences of moving your site from one or the other.


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Adam Garcia says:

Patrick I have a question about moving a site. I usually use the export/import feature to move posts, pages, comments, etc. Do you know of a way to delete the information inside the XML file so that you only have certain types of information? Such as only comments to the posts you want?

M.Waqas says:

Nice.. Thankyou very much..


My pleasure! You have a great site with great information that can help any local business. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous says:

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for mentioning my article!