Local Marketing: 6 Things You Should Be Doing

Local Marketing: 6 Things You Should Be Doing

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited as a guest speaker on Mike and Teresa Blaes’s show The Small Business Puzzle Podcast to discuss local marketing.

Ep. 13 of The Small Business PuzzleBesides knowing them for more than eight years, they are a couple that has been through a lot of tribulation in their lives and are pushing through and persevering. So, I wanted to not only share our interview, but promote their podcast for them here on my website.

Of course, the main reason, is to share with you, the visitor, what you need to be doing with your business if you are in a local/geographic area. We call this Local Marketing. In this podcast we share 6 things you should be doing:

What You Will Learn In This Local Marketing Interview

  1. The importance of having a Google My Business Listing
  2. Claiming your Google listing and the importance of doing so
  3. Why it’s critical to have your own business website. You’ll be amazed at how many don’t.
  4. How getting reviews for your business is important and what factor they play in ranking your Maps listing
  5. Video…why you should be creating them as a local business
  6. Your marketing budget and why you shouldn’t decrease it in hard times

Whether you are a new startup or well established, this interview will help you grow your business if you take action and implement what is given.

Don’t believe me?

Click the play button at the top of this post to listen to episode 13 of “The Small Business Puzzle Podcast” where Mike, Teresa and I discuss ways to build and grow your local business or brick and mortar shop.

Here is the link:


Be sure to listen until the end as I am giving a gift to those who see the value in it. No, I’m not going to tell you here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok, get on with listening to this great podcast.


Simple Lead Generation Strategies for Local Businesses

bigstock-Seminar-Seats-With-No-Attendee-28054491Do you know much about lead generation?

Do you seek more information?

This article is going to provide you with that information. The more knowledge you have on hand about lead generation, the less time you’ll spend making amateur mistakes.

Consumer Feedback for Leads

Utilize consumer feedback and case studies to produce a larger number of leads. Consumers like to see supportive data before providing you with their personal data or purchasing dollars. Studies and testimonials are among the best ways for potential customers to learn about you and your products.

TIP! Remember to be genuine in your videos. If you make yourself easy to relate to, people will enjoy watching your videos.

Ask your current customers to pass on word about your company to those they know. Your current loyal customers are the best lead generation asset you have. Their word of mouth can really mean a lot to generating new customers. Just them sharing your company information in social media can be surprisingly powerful.

Ask For Referrals

The best way to generate leads is to ask people you know for referrals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wedding planner or a car salesman, let people know what you do and ask if they know anyone who may need you. They might not today, but they might in the future.

TIP! Interviews make great videos. Have a friend or a colleague interview you if you want to give some details about your business and products or interview some customers if you want to share some original reviews of your products.

Always verify that your leads are original. You may accidentally have a duplicate on your list, especially if you have purchased it. It’s easy to see that the same leads will show up when you’re generating them. Make sure that when you target a certain number of leads, each one is unique and get maximum exposure.

Talk to business owners in related industries. They may be willing to share leads with you, by sending their customers your way. For example, if you own a shop where you sell balloons, talking to a florist about a joint venture is a great way to get leads from another business.

Other Ideas To Generate Leads

Consider throwing a neighborhood party to let your neighbors know what you’re up to. For example, if you are a dentist in Grand Blanc MI and are looking for leads, you can have a barbecue and hand out toothbrushes with your number on them. If you’re an internet marketer, sponsor a street fair and let the businesses there know you can do the same for them.

TIP! Be confident during your video. Your customers are going to see you as an ambassador for the product which means you should exhibit full confidence in its capabilities and value.

Find out if any local publications available for free fit within your niche. For example, real estate agents can get into the local “New Homes” guides found in boxes around the city. If you are a dentist, you could get an ad in a free children’s magazine which details local attractions.

Check to see if there are local lead groups you can join. These lead groups allow business owners to trade leads. You may be surprised at who can help you find leads. There are always chances to gain leads and it is important that you return the favor.

TIP! Find the right person for the video. Perhaps you are not as comfortable in front of the camera as you need to be.

Create a local reciprocal referral database for yourself and other local businesses. You can set it up on Google Documents and ask people you know to join it. If you know someone who needs dental work you can refer them to a dentist on the list and, if he knows someone who needs you he’ll, do the same.

Now what do you plan on doing with all the knowledge you gained about lead generation? Do you plan to get started today so your success comes sooner? If you start implementing all you’ve learned right away, the sooner you will reap the positive results of your campaign.

Michigan SEO Company Explains Google Penguin 2.1 Update

Michigan SEO Company Explains Google Penguin 2.1 Update

Penguin 2.1 hit the internet less than a week ago!

Michigan SEO Company Explains Google Penguin 2.1 UpdateWhat Exactly Is Google Targeting In This Penguin 2.1 Update?

  • Similar to Penguin 1.0's anchor text manipulation, big G seems to be targeting unnatural anchor percentages.
  • Google is simply devaluing these links instead of penalizing. This means you can rescue a site hit by Penguin by changing your site's backlink profile.
  • However, the new change seems to have gotten some smarts when performing detection for source relevance. It appears it is looking at the page level for this.
  • If you have low quality content surrounding your link, then this will result in getting devalued. You will probably be at risk if you are using low-quality articles or spun content.
  • Lack of diversification of your links (anchor text).

What link building continues to work post Penguin 2.1?

  • What plainly just works is High PR links that are relevant from paid or private networks.
  • Sites that have a low amount of overall links, from quality sources, have done well.
  • Having a diversified backlink profile, without putting too much attention on any one given link type.
  • Building links to your 2nd and 3rd tiers, as Google seems to be ignoring these. Using link pyramids is working for many.
  • A good mix of backlinks distributed across internal pages, not just the home page.

Why Has Google Missed High PR Networks, Yet Again?

  • Well, in my humble opinion, you can't create a math or code solution to find these types of networks all at once.
  • PR sites are too diversified, too different and individualized. There’s no single footprint G can use to find them all.
  • The big, public PR networks left a HUGE footprint that Google detected and that's why they were able to bring them down all at once.

If you are interested in learning more about local marketing and strategies to help grow your business, then consider subscribing to my Youtube channel.

Local SEO Citation Building for Businesses | Michigan SEO Company

In this Local Marketing Report we are going to discuss how to improve your Local SEO by getting citations to your business website.

What Is A Business Citation?

According to GetListed.Org‘s Resource Glossary, citation is a mention of a business name in close proximity to its address, phone number, or both. Used by the search engines to weigh both the accuracy and popularity of businesses in their indexes.

For short, we call this your NAP (Name, Address & Phone). I also include the “W” for your website. ๐Ÿ™‚

It will be formatted like this:

Your Business Name
1122 Any Street
Suite/PO Box
City, State Zip Code

Why These Citations Are Important To Your Local Business

These citations, also called “mentions”, of your business name address on other web pages is important because they are an important factor of the ranking algorithims of the major search engines. In laymen terms, your business will rank higher with more citations then with fewer.

Citations coming from more well-established and well-indexed portals (Such as Superpages.com) will only increase the degree of trust that the search engines have about your business information.

If your business is in a less-competitive industry (electrician or plumber) where many may not have a website, then it is very important that you have as many citations as possible.

Where to Get Citations to Improve Your Local Search Engine Rankings

Although there are several places you can get citations for your business, we are only going to focus on one way in this article – Local Search Engines.

These local search engines quite often crawl each other looking for mentions of your business and it’s information to index. Some of these data aggregators (Info USA) and engines share information with each other.

A good, FREE resource that can help us gather these local search engines together in one place is GetListed.org.

Get Listed Dot Org

The best way to teach you how to find these is to show you. In the video below, I take you through how to use Get Listed’s website to build your citations for your business.

If you are interested in learning more about local marketing and strategies to help grow your business, then consider subscribing to my Youtube channel.

Google+ Plus Circles – Creating Circles and Adding People


In this Local Marketing Report we are going to discuss how to create Google+ Plus circles, as well as, how to add contacts and then move those contacts from one circle to another.

We will also cover how to manage your circles by covering deleting circles and contacts, categorizing your circles and go into a litte bit on other actions you can do within the “Your Circles” area of your Google+ profile. The “Your Circles” dashbaord is quite easy to navigate, and with a little experience, you will be able to master it in no time.

Google Plus Circles are easy to use and easy to access. Google Plus and Circles can be signed into from gmail or your android phone. This makes it super quick and easy to make use of this service from your computer or smart phone.

Circles allow you to create your relationships based on real life. In the real world, you have family, friends, acquaintances, those who you enjoy hanging out with, or have similar likes to you. When it comes to Google Plus, you just create circles for those relationships and add those people to them. It’s as simple as that!

Google+ allows you to create circles based on the different groups of people that make up your audience. For example, if your business sells clothes, you may have one group for clients, one for employees, another circle for wholesalers and another for other clothes retailers. With Google+ Circles, the possibilities are endless and you get total control over who sees what.

Any great marketing campaign will include Google Circles. I mean, first of all it is owned by Google. Secondly it is one of the major social networking sites around.

Find out just how simple, fast and fun it is to use Google Plus Circles for personal and business use. Not only that, you will find a lot of great valuable content from other Google+ users that you will enjoy viewing, sharing, and commenting on as you learn to use this social network more.

Here is the video that covers how to create circles and add people to them:

Google Plus Circles – Creating Them And Adding Contacts

If you are interested in learning more about local marketing and strategies to help grow your business, then consider subscribing to my Youtube channel.

How To Find People on Google+ Plus | Michigan SEO Company


Hello, welcome to this weeks Local Marketing Report.

We are going to cover how people can find you in Google+ Plus.

This, goes out to a question asked by Sue Elliott in the Youtube Underground Community…run by Derral Eves.

So, I’m going to…show you some ways that people can find you.

So, if you just go to your profile page or your business page…

Google+ Plus People Search

Just hover right over on the left hand side here, and you’ll see the circles icon that says people (see image below).

How To Find People On Google+ Plus

Just click on that. And what Google+ Plus does is it gives you suggestions…of people you may know on Google plus.

Now, Sue…if this were somebody who was trying to find you and they had already setup a Google+ plus page or a profile account…with their gmail…

And, you know them, maybe through e-mails or other relations, uumm, business, friends or so forth…

You possibly may show up in this suggestions area.

If you don’t, no worries there.

You can enter, in this little search box here, it says search for anyone.

Google plus offers you a way…it says here you can search by city, school, company or email.

So, again, if she knows your email, they can enter the email their.

Say, I was looking for a particular dentist in my city.

So, I could enter Dentist in quotes and put Davison, Michigan.

And hit enter.

Davison is a pretty small town. So, as you can see I have three dentists that show up here.

This particular dentist is one I am working with right now, so…you can see he is already in one of my circles called Dentists.

But, if you are looking for some dentists and you wanted to create some groups, categorized by niche, this is a good way you can do that.

Ok, back to finding people.

Using Google+ Plus Search Box

Say I knew you Sue from school or something, and I said let me find Sue Elliott.

You can see that it pops up this drop-down right underneath the search box.

And if I search down I can see that you are there in the list.

And then, what I can do then is, click on your profile for her account and then I can add her to circles.

So, what I’m going to do is just create a new circle called Youtube Underground, and add her to that circle.

And now you are added.

That is one way or a couple of ways that people can find you and then add you to their group.

As you can see here, they have suggestions.

Those Who Have Added You To Their Google+ Circles

You can also bring up those who have added you.

So, maybe you added that person and then they click on the Added You button here, it would show those who have added you to their circles.

You can see there is a whole lot of them in their.

Find People By Gmail Contacts

You can also search by Gmail contacts.

So, you can see here you have it says that I have one contact on Google Plus but is not in your circles.

I can add those. There are a couple down below that says “Invite these people to Google Plus”.

Two of your Gmail contacts are’nt yet on Google+, invite them below.

You can also invite them that way.

Find People By Place Of Work

Also, you can see under here that I’ve got some businesses, business names.

These come from my Google+ profile where I’ve listed my employment, or my past history of my work.

Each of the schools that you’ve gone to, there is a Yahoo account.

You can disconnect it from there.

Add People By Your Yahoo Contacts

Or if you click on that…you can add your Yahoo contacts.

Here is another way that people can add you if you are under different email accounts, such as Yahoo.

And look, you can see it says “Add coworkers from TekSystems”.

That’s a staffing company that I used to do contracting through…in the past.

So, I can go through each one of these, and see it pops up their Google plus and I can add them to circles or go look at their pages, and so forth.

I can view all of them…

It says that 288 of your Yahoo contacts aren’t on Google+, so I can then invite more people.

You can go down through this whole list.

You can see there’s another…Fenner, Melstrom & Dooling is a company I did some contract work for…in the past.

Thos will show up intermixed in here.

Here is another one, Ajilon, which is another staffing company.

But, then you can also, if you wanted to you can go onto each individual company.

Like here is Navy. I don’t know…

There’s lots of people in here. There is Mott Community College.

I did contracting their as well here in Flint, Michigan.

So, these are many different ways that you can find people or people can find you to add to their circles, to invite your through gmail accounts and through Yahoo.

Find Coworkers On Google+ Plus

Also, let’s look further down here is says “Find Coworkers”

Here you can enter a company name.

In the case of Sue, if someone knew her business name or a company she worked for…could enter that here.

I used to work for J. Walter Thompson. There’s JWT, that’s short for what their business is.

It allows you to add an existing…if you’ve worked there in your past or are you working their recently.

You can add that to your public timeline, save it and continue.

I used to work at Detroit Edison.

And you can do the same thing there. You don’t have to add it and just continue.

Here are the people of Detroit Edison.

Pretty, pretty neat!

Google has really been working hard on the searching for people.

Locate Classmates Or Through Other Mail Services

You can also find class mates, and connect services.

So, you can go to “Find classmates”, enter your school name then save and continue.

John Glenn High School…when did you attend and you can add that to your academic history.

Make it public, or just your circles only, only you or custom.

Save and continue and it will then show people from that school. I’m not going to do that at this point.

And then “Connect services”.

You can connect a Hotmail account and an Open addressbook.

You can open an address book from Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple address book and many other services that can export files in comma separated values or vcard format.

I’ve just recognized this here. Definitely, I use Outlook as my email service.

If you are someone who uses Thunderbird or you have a Mac and you use Apple address book, you can import those contacts.

You can also add people to your circles that way.

That is a quick rundown of how you can do a people search or how people can add you to their circles, groups, communities and so forth.

Hope you enjoyed this video, and we will see you in the next Local Marketing Report.

Google+ Upgraded With Beautiful New Look | Michigan SEO Company


Google+ is not anything new, as it has been around since 2011. Although, Google has been known to not improve many of it’s “new fangled” ideas when they announce something coming out or being updated, but I believe these newest changes are different.

Even though the updates for Google+ started in mid May, I’ve been taking a closer look at them over the past couple of days to find out just what all the hub-bub is, and if these changes are something to write a blog post about. And, they are! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, let’s not delay any further. I created a video that covers the main changes of Google+ visually, so I won’t go into minute detail on each area.

Google+ Visual Changes Covered In The Video

  1. A Different Visual Look: You will now see content boxes when you do updates. Some say it resembles Pinterest visually. See image example below.
  2. We Have Columns Now: Google+ has gone to a more responsive design. So, depending on your screen size & resolution will determine how many columns you see.
  3. Menus That Slide Out & Stick: The side menu slides in/out as you need it and the top menu is static for continual access. This is a nice added feature.
  4. Hashtags For Related Content: Want your readers to find related content? Then #hashtags are a feature you will love.
  5. Smarter Photo Features: There is a lot they added to photos. But, the major feature is Google+ will auto improve your photos for you.
  6. Hangouts Gets An Upgrade: I didn’t cover hangouts at all in the video, but from what others have said, Google launched a standalone app that works across your devices and makes it more functional for video calls.

Here is a snap-shot of the new upgraded look on Google+

You can watch the Google+ Upgraded With New Look video below.

If you are interested in learning more about local marketing and strategies to help grow your business, then consider subscribing to my Youtube channel.

Using Video To Answer Your Customers FAQs


Want to know a great way to drive more traffic to your website and get your business noticed?

Well, of course you do!

What a silly question, right?

In this week’s Local Marketing Report, I’m going to show you a way to do just that. So, take away all of your distractions, sit down with your favorite drink and let’s get to it.

Using Video To Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Video as you know, is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and gain exposure in the search engine results.

But, what we are going to share here today is how to use video by answering your customers most commonly asked questions about your business, product or service.

As someone who offers and/or sells products or services to your customers, you most likely have received a lot of the same questions concerning those same products and services over and over again. Right?

Video For Your Customers FAQ’s

Using video to answer your customers most frequently asked questions is the answer to driving more traffic to your website, building trust and bringing value to your customer.

I put together a video that takes you through this process along with a live example on the internet. You can watch the video below:

Results From Video FAQ’s

This one strategy can bring several number one positions and quite a few video views if you put it into action. The only way you will know, is to test it out.

If you are interested in learning more about local marketing and strategies to help grow your business, then consider subscribing to my Youtube channel.

I got the idea for this weeks article and video from my friend Roy Reyer, who wrote up an article about a new client of how he implemented this strategy. You can see the article here.

Inbound Marketing: Drawing In Customers Like A Magnet


Brian Halligan, founder of HubSpot, did a six video series on how traditional marketing has changed and how you can focus on the new marketing philosophy of inbound marketing. I watched all six videos and summarized what he said below.

Please post your comments on what you think of his philosophy of inbound marketing and if you have implemented any of these ideas into your own busines.

Watch the full one in a half hour video below:

Inbound Marketing – A New Type of Marketing

Brian Halligan talks about how traditional marketing worked ten years ago, using his Dad (Bob Halligan) as an analogy. His dad worked as an executive at GE.

Things Brian's dad did ten years ago to shop, live and learn:

  • Get a lot of mail
  • Wrote a lot letters
  • Watch television
  • Talked on the phone a lot

The way we do it today is radically different, we live on:

  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • iPhone
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

There's a big, big shift in the way people live, shop and learn.

The Marketers Standard playbook includes things such as mailing stuff, emailing people, cold calling, and advertising. That standard playbook works really well to capture the attention of people like his dad (Bob), but not for people like ourselves.

We're sick and tired of being marketed to.

We are getting good at blocking marketing out.

Here's a couple of examples:

  • Email blocking, i.e. Can Spam Act
  • Pop-Up Blockers
  • Ad Blocker software that blocks ads out on the side of the web
  • Cold calling
    • Caller ID
    • Young people today – hate using the phone

Transform the way you market to match the way people actually shop and learn today. Instead of interrupting people, how do you pull them in from Google, blogs, and social media sites. How do you turn marketing on it's head and turn your business into a magnet.

What Brian loves about Inbound Marketing:

  1. Your success in this modern marketing is about the width of your brain and not the width of your wallet.
  2. Can you create a brilliant blog post, webinar, e-book and can you use that piece of content to pull people in.
  3. Your success with it, is about creating your own assets instead of renting space on someone else's assets.
  4. At the beginning of each month you build blog articles, e-books, applications and so forth. Each piece of content you create is like a magnet that pulls in customers and is a permanent asset that lives forever on the internet.
  5. You win by getting to love up on your customers, instead of irritating them to do business with you.
  6. Create marketing that people love. Like Lu Lu Lemon, Charity Water, Nike, etc.

How Do You Do InBound Marketing That People Love?

There are two ways to do it:

  1. Create lots and lots of content. Your marketers should be creating tons and tons of content. Think of your marketing dept. like a production company.
    • Create blog articles, webinars, e-books, you name it.
      • If your content is "crappy", it doesn't have much of a pull.
      • Create brilliant content.
  2. Be very clever to optimize it for:
    • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
    • SMO: Social Media Optimization

      Create a title that is quite clever that pulls in a lot of customers.

  3. Be clever on how you promote your content.
    • Become a ninja at social media (twitter, facebook, G+).
    • Go to where your customers are.

 How Good Is Your Website?

  • Most websites don't have a lot of links coming into them.
  • Links are to the internet as dollars are to the U.S. economy.
  • You want hundreds of links coming into your website
  • The more you turn your site into a publishing engine, the more you'll become a hub on the internet and the less you'll pay for traditional marketing.

How Do You Open The Top Of Your Funnel?

Create more brilliant, remarkable content and turn your website into a hub

Context: A New Way To Think About Your Customers

Amazon is very contextualized and they know their customers. Look at what they recommend as other items to buy when you go there to shop. They use this context to get their conversion rates way up.

Companies like Amazon are very, very good at creating – not great big segments, but segments of one. The more you use their site, the more they understand about you, the more personalized the marketing – the more likely you are to use their site.

Netflix and Facebook are a couple of other sites that use the same mechanism as Amazon – they increase the personalization of their sites and e-mails, and pull people through their funnel.

Each of these sites take you through a 4-step process:

  1. More usage of their site
  2. Better personalization
  3. Better value
  4. Better conversion

All businesses should work this way. You know a lot about your prospects, such as, what are they talking about on Facebook, Twiiter, your blog, have they visited your pricing page, etc.

All businesses should learn the behavior of their users and personalize the experience through e-mails, websites and what-not, to really increase the conversion rates of their customers.

So, Inbound marketing is really about two things or like two sides of the heart:

  1. Content – Using content to pull people in
  2. Context – Using context to pull people through your funnel

The goal for your company should be to create five times the number of visitors to your website in the next year.

Who Do You Hire To Do Your Inbound Marketing?

Hire using the DARC acronym:

D – Hire Digital Natives Not Digital Immigrants

A – Hire Analytical People

R – Hire someone with a massive reach: twitter followers, facebook members, linkedin subscribers

C – Hire a content creator

Organizing Your Marketing Dept.

  • Content
  • Context
  • Other

What Should My Marketing Goal Be?

Brian's favorite philosopher is Warren Buffet. What Warren tells CEO's is, what you want to do with your business is build a moat around it. You want it to be ice cold and put sharks in there and alligators.

Next year, colder… more sharks and more alligators. The new moat for your business is this inbound marketing stuff. It is very, very hard to copy. You can't win with money – it's about brain power and skill. And it's how to create a BIG barrier to entry against your competition.

Example: Zappos.com – Internet Shoe Seller

The moat around their business is the two million links into their website, ten million twitter followers, and massive amount of Facebook likes.

The person or company who gets their first, tends to get a very big head start and it's hard to catch up in this type of industry. The good news – it's the top of the first inning of this game. In almost any industry, it's easy to compete.

HubSpot's Marketing Rater – Brian ranked all five thousand companies by their marketing grade and put a page up that shows them.

How Smartphones are Creating Smarter Shoppers

You have heard it many times over the past few months about how the growth of mobile phone users is growing in leaps and bounds, and how often we use them. Here are some startling facts…

Those who own a mobile phone:

  • Always have it on them. They'd rather give up their cable tv, chocolate and high-heels than their smart phone – really!
  • Are always connected. In one week (according to Google):
    • 81% browsed the internet
    • 77% Used a search engine
    • 48% watched a video
    • 63% accessed a social network
  • Are using them almost everywhere:
    • 39% are using it while going to the…. the bathroom! Next, we might have smart toilets – LOL!
    • 33% are using it while watching tv, a movie or listening to music.
    • 22% are using it while reading the newspaper.

All on their smart phones… 

As you can see, smart phones have become an integral part of our society and a way to access a multitude of information – including the ultimate shopping companion. 79% of the smart phone users are using them to help with shopping. 

  • Of those 79%:
    • 70% are using them in the store
    • 54% of them to find a retailer
    • 49% to compare prices
    • 48% to get coupons and promotions
    • 44% to get product information and read reviews
    • 34% to search in-store inventory

These percentages are huge and can make a huge impact on how you target your prospects using mobile marketing (we'll get to that). If that doesn't make your eyes "pop" out of your head, then here is one of the biggest parts of this whole mobile user phenomenon:

74% are making a purchase in-store, on their pc or on their phone based on a smartphone search.


Where Do These Mobile Users Do Most Of Their Shopping?

It's a big enough eye opener with the above statistics – right? But where do these smartphone users do their purchasing of these products and services?

Right in their own backyards! No, not their literal backyard – :-). 95% of these smartphone users are looking for local information. They are using their phones to find the nearest pizza place, nearest store that carries that item they are looking for, movie show times to which gas station has the lowest prices.

When they do find the information they are looking for, 88% will act on that within a day by either calling or visiting that business.

How You Can Tap Into This Marketplace of Ready Buyers

This is a market that your business should be targeting using mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a way to reach your target market on their mobile/smartphones using a mobile optimized site and text messaging.

I know that I have given you a lot of numbers and statistics, but let's look at just a few more. 

Here is how BIG mobile marketing is:

  • 91% of Americans own a cell phone
  • 95% of cell phones receive text messaging
  • 5 billion (Yes, that's a "B") text messages sent D-A-I-L-Y!
  • 98% of those 5 billion text messages are read within 15 minutes.

You see, if you are not using mobile marketing, you are missing out on new business and responsive customers.

But, don't give up. One of the best ways to get found by these mobile users is to have a mobile optimized website. A large portion of local businesses around the country don't even have a mobile website that gives these customers a good mobile user experience.

Users (your prospective customers) don't want to have to scroll on their phones to read or find the information they are looking for. Some site are so bad on mobile phones, that the users don't stay, but click off and go to a more friendlier site – mobile friendly that is!

If you have a website and it's not optimized for mobile – I highly recommend getting one created so you can tap into the huge mobile marketplace – reaching those who are already searching for your product or service.

If you don't already have a website, you can still create a mobile website that you can use to market your products or services to this large and growing market.

I hope you see that the mobile marketplace is a huge opportunity for your business. Please let us know your thoughts about mobile marketing by posting a comment below or on our facebook page.



I'm here to help you build a successful and growing business using WordPress and online marketing efforts. Please connect with me on Facebook. You are what makes up Lapeer Website Design!

Patrick Whitson has spent more than twenty years in the computer field programming and designing web sites for such companies as J. Walter Thompson, Ford, MSX Intl., White Castle, Delphi and many small to mid-sized businesses. Moving out of corporate America, he decided to work specifically with local businesses to help them market online using their own website. He has worked with many small businesses and is seeing them grow and bring in more customers with Lapeer Website Design.

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