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Move From to

I have been hearing from some of my friends and around on the internet about moving their site they have setup over at to a self-hosted wordpress site. Before I give you a nice link on where you can find out how to do this, did you know that there are two sites for WordPress?

No! Well, there are. vs and – some of you already knew this, but my friend Don Campbell over at Expand2web has a real good article on vs – Which One Should I Choose. Read it to find out the pros and cons of each.

For those of you who set a blog up on and are contemplating moving it to a self-hosted site, here is an article by ProBlogger that tells you how to do it.

One question that comes up a lot about moving your site is "How do I keep my links?" Here is a resource that will help you with that

Let me know your experiences of moving your site from one or the other.